Forex most power strategy for 2018

Forex most power strategy for 2018


Forex most power strategy for 2018 is the same as last year and the year before eyc…, trading the high and low of the day in the Forex market is the safest strategy to have and use. nothing else matter when you master the truth about the forex market.
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Trading FOREX using the Power of MetaStock

Trading FOREX using the Power of MetaStock

Originally presented by Logan Connors on 6/18/14
In this webinar Logan Connors will go over the specific tools within MetaStock Pro and Xenith to highlight how they are used to trade the FX Market and how he personally applies them to his own analysis and trading.

This Webinar will address the following Tools related to FX:

MetaStock Xenith:

Utilizing and adjusting the Economic Calendar
Creating and using Flex Document Apps
FX Tools Menu: Contributor Forecasts, Cross Rates, Spot View
MetaStock Pro:

Applying Technical Indicators and Systems
Adjusting Back Testing to Focus on FX pairs
Adjusting Price field to display BID and ASK
Multiple Time frame Layouts
Those who join will receive a FREE copy of Logan’s Xenith Workspace and MetaStock Template.

About the presenter: Logan Connors

Logan Connors, MetaStock Product Specialist & Sales, has been with the company for over two years. Mr. Connors started with the MetaStock Support Group and now has a vast knowledge of both the MetaStock program and financial markets. He has helped several business partners develop their own professional trading strategies within MetaStock and has helped streamline the customer experience.

Mr. Connors graduated with a Business/Finance degree from Utah Valley University, and is currently a member of the Market Technicians Association (MTA).