Forex Basics For Beginners

Forex Basics For Beginners

Too often new traders come into the market without getting to know the most fundamental components of foreign exchange and how currencies work.

So we decided to make a video that explains the first things traders need to know in an easy and accessible way. Demonstrating them in the Trading 212 platform in a zero spread environment, trading expert David Jones guides you through the meaning of the first terms and actions that you’ll come across. These are always at the base of the skills all knowledgeable traders have and need to take on the markets.

Forex Trading Basics: Forex Trading for Beginners – Part 2

Forex Trading Basics: Forex Trading for Beginners – Part 2

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In this recording of a live forex trading seminar in Singapore, professional forex trader, trainer, trading columnist and sought after market commentator Mario Singh teaches forex trading basics to a small group of aspiring currency trading beginners.

In part two of this two-part series Mario talks about the #1 critical mistake that amateur forex traders make. I’ll give you hint it’s got to do with forex money management, risk management and leverage. He also explains how to correctly calculate your risk-reward ratio and how to allocate your trading capital so that you a risking a maximum of 3% per trade. Mario also shows us the power of compounding interest and how that is the true ‘magic’ of forex trading.

I hope you learn something from part two of this forex trading seminar. Again, Mario’s style is strong, direct and passionate (and he can he a little difficult to understand at times) but he is not without a sense of humor.

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