My 5 best Forex trading tips and tricks

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Over the course of the last 2 years I’ve slowly learned more about what kind of trading works best for me. So, I thought I would do a video that outlines what have been some of the most pivotal distinctions I’ve made in my trading during that time. These are the forex trading tips that have most helped me become and stay a profitable trader. Hopefully they can help you too! Of course, none of them will guarantee success or work all the time. But you might be able to explore some of these ideas during your trading education (which can be a very long process).

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  4. Totally agreed. New traders must follow them. I have been back testing my robots and found that wider stop losses (twice than take profit) brings more money in 🙂

  5. In which scenario would you enter a 'buy' position?
    You believe the price of the underlying asset will rise
    You believe the price of the underlying asset will fail

  6. I have to leave you a comment, I found so many similarities and agree all your points, that's what I'm working on right now, cheers

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  8. I personally don't like Bollinger bands. They're a lagging indicator. They only work in hindsight. A stock or currency can take a nosedive or a huge rally just for the top or bottom to follow right after the price action. The price action can then just move sideways in consolidation toward the moving average in the middle, looking like it's returning to the middle when it's just consolidating. Not for me.

  9. hey man .. your work is great amazing videos
    and it would be great if you could give a live example of your trading style.. peace!

  10. @RobotHouseOfForex have you used fxdreema? I'm building EA's with this, makes creating bots so much easier! Just wondering if you use it and what you think about it?

  11. Forex trading is awesome, am here to share my testimony. I have lost a whole lot on trading but when I finally met Mr Michael I recovered all I lost. He is a great man with a great strategy. Am living my dream life now. contact him on and thank me later.

  12. Interesting channel! About giving room to stop loss and placing second positions when you have loosing trades.. I've programmed this type of systems. Just want to ask.. would you survive to a period like from 01/07/2008 to 30/11/2008 in EURUSD ?? Have you done back testing in this period??

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice trading!

  13. I have found that my robots work best in stable market conditions and have spent the last weeks back testing the idea of manually turning them off for predictable political events e.g. elections. (obviously breaking news can't be accounted for) it has considerably increased my profits. my first live run with this was on Eur/USD over last weekend (first round of the French election) turning it back on for Tuesday. I saved myself a lot of pips. I just wanted to share this insight and ask if you have considered anything along these lines? mixing in some manual work.

  14. Hello buddy i ,m watching your chanell for a while and you guide me throught the steps of finding the robot that fit in all paramets for me but i would like to have your opinion on that and show me my results private massage me buddy

  15. Here's a neat idea / strategy; Set your Risk Reward Ratio dynamically.
    So, say your win rate in a specific time frame (say, an hour.) is 80%.

    > double win_rate = 80;

    Take your Bollinger Bands and calculate the average highest and lowest price.
    Then calculate the amount of pips between them. (This is a good way you can gauge how volatile the market is right now and set your ratio accordingly.)

    > double band_difference = bollinger_highest_avg – bollinger_lowest_avg;

    So then to calculate your target and stop-loss, just take your band diff and calculate your win rate against it.

    > double target = band_difference / 100 * win_rate;
    > double stop_loss = band_difference – target;

    And just keep doing that every hour (or whatever time frame you choose.). Maybe adjust the ratio based on your ideal minimum stop_loss or ideal minimum target, but in theory, this should trade in the most profitable way. If you're losing a lot, it'll increase your stop loss and hope for smaller wins, if you're winning a lot, it'll increase your threshold for wins and minimise your losses. Overall giving you the best chances according to how your trades are performing, and how volatile the market is.

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