Mindset: Pro Forex Trader vs You. Forex trading lesson

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A Pro Forex Trader thinks and behaves fundamentally different from how you do. This is because pro Forex traders understand the game of probabilities and most importantly, ‘The Law of Large Numbers’.

This is a Forex trading lesson by Andrew Lockwood who is a professional trader and mentor at www.forexsignals.com

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  2. The tricky part is finding the balance between letting the strategy play out and giving it some breathing room versus rethinking and adjusting the strategy due to its no longer working for a variety of factors.

  3. Hey Andrew, this is a really useful video so thanks for the information. Really enjoying your series of videos so keep em coming!

  4. This video is useful because it acts as a rail guard against the loss confidence one gets when going through a drawdown. Many thanks

  5. Great video. Great advice especially for beginners who tend to be impatient and change strategies a lot

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