26 Replies to “Learn how Forex Magic works. See $5 K turn into $1 Mil in live Forex trading in hours. Print account”

  1. At 46:1546:27 I nearly spitted my coffee all over my laptop! – ;D – Nice video edit there with the cutting in of your barking little friend! – Made my day! – 😀 – btw: Much comments here reflect that nearly no-one has watched the entire video from start to end – but isn't patience a habit every trader needs? – 😉 – Thank you for this inspiring presentation! – 🙂

  2. Bonjour Monsieur ca va ,je suis impressionner de la facon que vous trader ,moi ca fait 5ans que je trade avec fxcm et jai fait de largent et jai perdu de largent ,est il possible de vous rencontrer ou de vous parlez bientot ,pour trader avec vous ,je suis au canada et je suis libre en tout temps ,merci de bien vouloir me repondre . Jean-marc

  3. Most youtube trader tell about profit. Not anyone try to explained how to make profit when you got a wrong direction of entry.

  4. I didn't watch the hold  video because of the title c'mon really turn 5000 into mil in just hours  any profitable trader would know this is rubbish..

  5. Indeed if money already on third party also having risk, but to minimize the risk in forex as trader will trying looking broker that included as good broker and having good reputation, although sometime each trader having different experience but as long as still comfortable use service and smoothly we will stay there. I am trading with Forex4you the reputed broker.

  6. Trying to find a technique to earn from Fx. Google and search "Forex Profiter V3.1".

  7. Has anyone ever bought this EA, does it work well on the actual account ?? until today I just bought EA that would be good, and so far everyone has broken my accounts ….

  8. This is RUBBISH…No brokers are going to let you trade 8 Standard lots when your account is only has a balance of $5000. which is what you had at the very beginning. It only takes a few seconds of watching your trades to notice that your trade sizes are way over what is aloud with a small account….THIS VIDEO IS TOTAL FICTION !

  9. Very helpful trading video. Thanks for such an inspiring video. I have also entered into the forex market recently. We also wanted to make money like you. The introduction of forex I have already learnt. But yet not started live trading. Still I am doing demo trading. I have used many brokers demo platform. Recently I am using the demo platform of FXPremax. I have found them very credible. In their live trading they have instant IB commissions and loyalty bonus facility. So, I am thinking to join their live trading.

  10. im interested in learning how to trade forex and make money but i dont have capital. ill need support

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