Insider secrets from a Forex Bank Trader Shaun Overton interviews Batur Asmazoglu from Myndos Capital. Batur traded €100 million in forex markets for Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse and has worked for several other banks and funds for over a decade. The interview covers London trading life, how market makers operate in the forex market, algorithms and quants and trading psychology.

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  1. Thanks, this made things a little more clear.
    But I still don’t understand if I play 100 lots and make 500 pips
    over-time, who is giving me $500k ?

    Last time I heard banks aren’t the giving type of people. And from what
    I’ve read banks are the liquidity providers of the market (whatever that

  2. After listening to this 2 times. I am still unclear as to how the market
    maker moves the price in response to order flow. I wish it was crystal
    clear. In particular, I didn’t get the part about hedge funds setting stops
    around 100 pips away and how this influences the mindset of the MM.

  3. Thanks much for an extremely informative video posting. Seems like Mr.
    Asmazoglu’s simplified aspects and methods to indicate changes seem to hold
    an overall level of accuracy enough to consider his thoughts in trades. Of
    course, it’s always less nerve racking when the buys and sells are done
    with money of your employer rather than your own stack.
    Oh, and your camera. You might want to focus the setting once, and then
    toggle off that auto focus function. Haha. Seems like that feature was
    constantly just not happy enough with its own results. Great video, Thanks

  4. So banks and hedge funds do use algos but still have somewhat of a human
    interaction with them.This is quite interesting. It’s just that algos suck
    when the fundamentals kick in.

    Seems like there is bit of a balance going on here. The content was def eye
    opening. Only one thing…Please invest in a microphone. 

  5. great stuff guys! it was the same on the trading floors. everyone wants to
    think it’s sophisticated but it ain’t…

  6. Most banking software is written in java and c# – invented in late 90s and
    early 2000’s ?

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  8. Great info sharing..a lot of traders should take the lead from your
    transparent interviews such as this to have the right orientation in
    trading the currency market. Great job! 

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  10. Anyone see the gold chart for 31/12/13? Tell me they didn’t shake down all
    the investers before taking a massive payout. My account busted right
    before a 30 dollar jump in price.

  11. I can guarantee your stuffed if your a retail trader like me your over %88
    against you and internet quant speed I would like to take a so called
    expert bank FX trader give them $1000 bank and a standard fx account and
    make money long term over a year and the banks ect take a heavy position
    and smash the retail traders stops and make the market move in there favour
    and for a long time now you are also competing against state of the art
    computer performing a quant speeds siphoning cents in the dollar over a
    million times a day competing against you and there competitors and
    countries in a unregulated market that’s so corrupt.So tell me you could
    flip a coin to choose your buys or sells and make more money than whatever
    forex system you have…sorry but this is the truth.

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  14. Very informative but one thing that is not stipulated is what segment of
    the FOREX Batur deals with. Is the SPOT FOREX? You know that there are also
    Foreign Exchange swaps, Outright Forwards, Options and other products, and
    Currency swaps. Please confirm.

  15. Guys, forex not all about strategy.the main key is: 1)You know which
    currency pair to trade for today, then tomorrow will be different cause
    forex market never will be the same, it changes by min, hour, daily ,
    weekly n monthly. 2)Trend is your friend, just trade a currency pairs with
    consistent or clear trend. 3)Money management and discipline and target
    profit for a day?(Most important) Don’t get too greedy, when you open for a
    buy, the market never forever buy, correct?stop when u profit:)

  16. Great interview. Very insightful on the inner workings of the Banks. I
    particularly liked how he in various points showed how great traders work:
    Have a fundamental bias for the market, have rules, be disciplined in using
    it, review what the data is telling you. I found his use of Algo failure as
    a way to check validity of a trade or an entry signal fascinating. Thanks a
    lot for this

  17. Shaun, great information, but very poor quality. Think about to change your
    recording device or disable autofocus AND use an external mic. It’s hard to
    understand what is said.

  18. When you look at the currently open positions ratio of live accounts at
    Forex factory and see that the crowd is disproportionately long or short a
    particular currency, the smart way to do is to trade against them lol

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