How to trade Forex Support & Resistance + Entries + Candlesticks

My name is Storm Lewis 🙂

Watch me trade USD/CAD on my LIVE account, and make nearly $2k in 2 hours off of support and resistance, a reversal candlestick, and levels.

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23 Replies to “How to trade Forex Support & Resistance + Entries + Candlesticks”

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  8. watched the whole video…and you explained my previous question and had a reference in another to another video…Thank you!

  9. u seem mad cool…and ive been doing it on my own trying to learn this strategy…thanks for the video. I have just one question. What time frame do you place your support and resistance?

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  11. This video tho….boom. Gold. Thank you so much. Simple and just was my lightbulb moment with the daily zones idea.

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