How To Read Forex Price Action Like A Pro

In this market analysis I explain how you can use the best price action tools and concepts to analyse a Forex pair like a pro.

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14 Replies to “How To Read Forex Price Action Like A Pro”

  1. It's real easy to read and analyze the charts after the fact. Anybody can do that. The question is how to trade the charts in real time with profitable technic and discipline. He cannot predict with certainty what's going to happen next to any currency pair during live trading, can he?

  2. having shown us the support and resistance zones..where would ur buy/sell points be?…a novice trader here

  3. im a beginner and i have been wondering where/when or how many weeks/days/hours do we go back to be able to see a trend and draw S&R?

  4. I'm kind of new in trading and I find really useful this videos. the way you explain and show all the charts and drawings means a lot for a beginner. thank you!!

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