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Forex Trading video looking at both a trend following and a countertrend trading opportunity.

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  1. Just signed up at Tier1

    Used my iPhone and the little intro vid looked really slick Akil. Great job. Looking forward to hearing more. Have a good Christmas break buddy.

  2. Cheers Akil. Getting signed up to Tier 1 now. Really excited to see what you and Jason are up to in 2018. Keep up the good work guys.

  3. Hey Champ! Can you help me answering a question i have? So currently, im trading demo, and what i do is not make patterns.. etc, i just mark the levels with horizontal lines, and then just follow the market. as if, i see it break my line, i will just follow the market, with a take profil on the other line. i've been doing that and gained a profit of 700$ on my demo account. am i trading correctly? should i concentrate on other learning the more in depth analysis? because basically the thing im doing is that easy, that i wouldnt even call it an analysis. is it wrong? also, i only take a look at the daily charts. i dont bother looking at the other hourly charts while doing this, and it's very weird since its kind of working? not quite sure how stable it is though.

  4. 1 minute…. and I got this insane desire for roasted chicken!
    The rest was ok too….. but that oven man…. that did it πŸ™‚

  5. Hie Akil does this mean you will be still working with J.Graystone in 2018?lt would be sad to see you guys go separate ways

  6. Trend Continuation, thats the first strategy im testing seriously. jejej,
    nice, Im waiting for whats coming soon. thanks for sharing.

  7. Im not signing up…. nope… not gonna……………………………………………………………………………………..what ?….. not me…..

  8. I'm so excited to see what happening in the new year!! I feel like a child that cant wait for his Christmas gifts!!

  9. XAU/USD: My plans tell that the market can defeat the highest high.. but economical this is wrong.. better economy means commodities will become cheaper.. or not so?

  10. Hi akil at the moment i back testone strtegy and i want you to ask something….when you back test strategy do you add some filters at the and or midle back test to improve your results…i have done oround 120-130 examples but i thiking now to add some stuf to see results in bouth exampels…i hope you know what i mean because my english is ufffff sory…i just wanr to hear your epinion….tnx

  11. Xau/USD, why to believe that structure will hold when the previous did not? Why not go with the lines to connect lowest lows and highest highs and perhaps the in between highs/lows too..?

  12. I hope I have time to deal with trading now
    After exams I will watch all of your new videos Akil 😁

  13. Signed up before watching the video because for some reason i'm stuck chart studying after your videos. Pause the video and sign up now

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