Forex Trading Weekly Review 11 To 16 Of February 2018

Weekly Forex Review 28th Of January To 2nd Of February 2018 –

By Vladimir Ribakov, full-time trader & mentor in Traders Academy Club. -Traders Academy Club – Vladimir Ribakov’s Blog… – Get my trading systems

► Weekly Forex Review and Forecast:

The pairs covered in this video –


EURUSD – 2:48
GBPUSD – 5:16
USDJPY – 7:09
EURJPY – 8:48
GBPJPY – 9:47
GBPCAD – 10:35
GBPNZD – 12:08
CADCHF – 12:47


GOLD – 13:37
OIL – 14:08


DOW JONES – 15:02
DAX – 16:14


RIPPLE – 17:01
BITCOIN – 17:41
IOTA – 18:02

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► How do I prepare my weekly forex analysis and how to use this video? I do my trading analysis and trade my trading setups based on market money flow and price action relying on the cycles and the trends. I use Fibonacci Expansion and Fibonacci retracement and much more. The way to use the weekly market analysis is very simple. I set my trading directions and lay down a plan for the upcoming week. At that point I’m following the directions and looking for trading setups. You can execute the actual trade once you get a trading setup. That could be a manual setup or any software (I’m using Forex Triple B, Forex Scorpio Code, Forex Libra Code, sRs Trend Rider 2.0 , Forex Gemini Code, Forex Crystal Ball and the Divergence University).

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I wish you a wonderful trading week!

Vladimir Ribakov

15 Replies to “Forex Trading Weekly Review 11 To 16 Of February 2018”

  1. Hi Vladimir. Thx for ur analysis. Qn. For the GBP/JPY how far do think it will rise before the sell setup??

  2. I believe the EURO is gonna rise up. Because as indicated by the trend on the chart. And also,because the German prelim CPI report will be reported tomorrow at 1300 eastern Europe Time. But thanks for the tips!!

  3. it is the frist time i can see a so clear view of what to expect from the market , i will join the academy for sure . thanks a lot for the so appreciated job you do

  4. Wow, most likely one of the best 20+ minutes I will spend this week, thanks! Please do NOT cover any more instruments, you hit the money ($$$) already!

  5. Thank you, my mentor, please I need you to look into coffee… we may get a good investment style soon there…

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