Forex Trading: The Reality of Structure Trading

FOREX TRADING: A look at the realities of structure trading by walking through the step by step process of evaluating a potential setup and then reevaluating once price action has made an unexpected turn. Syndicate $1 Promo

10 Replies to “Forex Trading: The Reality of Structure Trading”

  1. hey, i was wondering, how do you trade trend continuation because i have
    tried CTS and i cant make up enough scores for trend continuation trades.
    theres usually no OS/OB and double top/bot. or do you not count scores for

    btw Akil, for some reason i imagine you driving Ferrari with golf clubs in
    the trunk :D

  2. Thanks Akil brother for the encouragement. Got killed with advanced
    patterns This week. Just gotta tough it out. Still believe.

    Do you think its a good advice to Find a hedge to advanced pattern trading.
    Eg. Trade patterns on one account and maybe a CTS system on another account
    concurrently, in case one don’t work out so well in certain period of time
    like this month.

    I’m doing strictly pattern trading BTW and this month is -ve.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give us. 

  3. Thank you vvery much Akil. As always super powerful, simple, understandable
    analysis. There is nothing more I can say just thank you. I am very
    grateful for all the free stuff that you’ve taught me via this you tube
    channel. You are so good Akil 🙂 not only as a trader but also as a
    teacher and that is more important for me as a let’s say intermediate
    trader. Although those videos are a repetition for me I really enjoy
    watching it as often as I can. You are the best. Please keep doing thhat.
    I’m sure we all (watchers) all appreciate your hard work.

  4. Do you ever use higher range bar charts for structure based (CTS) swing
    trades? As you can see price action more clearly without the minute chart
    noise. Like top-down from the daily and/or 240 and get range chart in the
    30/60M range respectively? Thanks for the great content Akil!

  5. Hey Akil ! Thanks for the great Video. That’s a grooven beard also. You
    guys back east need to be furring up for the winter, right.

  6. thank you for your Videos !
    1 Question: If i am searching for patterns, can the X-leg of the pattern be
    any retracement of an impulse leg or must the X-leg be an high or low of
    the impulse leg where the pattern starts from? So +Akil Stokes 

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