Forex Trading: Patterns, Structure & Trading Competitions

FOREX TRADING: In this week’s video I take a look at 2 potential trading opportunities on the GBPJPY and how to go about bracketing orders when you’re unsure of the trend direction. We’l also loo at a recorded session from my LIVE TRADING ROOM looking at an opportunity on USDCAD and discussing the difference between a good trading opportunity and just a trading opportunity. Lastly i discuss trading competitions and how they can give you a false sense of reality when it comes to market expectations.

12 Replies to “Forex Trading: Patterns, Structure & Trading Competitions”

  1. Akil, your knowledge and well organized/disciplined trading mind is highly
    respectable. And thanks alot for these informative videos. For GBP/JPY, I
    am more focused towards 173-174 area. ps: not a structure trader yet.

  2. thanks for the video, always great stuff. on a sidenote i noticed that you
    use the triangle tool on tradingview to draw the pattern in this video (not
    sure if you always do so) but actually there is an actual XABCD drawing
    tool that indicates the fibs right on it :)

  3. Awesome stuff Akil…your free stuffs only can take anyone with litte
    experience to higher highs…lol.

  4. Hi Akil. I love your videos and your ideas on trading view. I am a new
    trader and yes your info is very useful. I have been trading the GBPJPY and
    profit over 100 pips going up and down. I owe it all to you guys because
    “look left structure leave clues” lol Thanks and keep the ideas and videos
    coming!!!! :)

  5. You don’t want to take every opportunity. You want filters in your system
    that make you only take the best opportunities.

  6. It just doesn’t matter. Money’s not yours until your stops or targets are
    hit. Do NOT get excited about being up 35 pips or down 38 pips. It just
    doesn’t matter.

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