Forex Price Action Basics – Candlestick Analysis (2014)

Forex Price Action 1 – Candlestick Analysis Basics.

This is the first in a three part series of webinars I held on Forex Price Action analysis. In this webinar I cover Candlestick Analysis Basics and I show you real trade examples.

Day 2:
Day 3:

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  1. 26:08 is a inverted candle right? Then you wait foro a confirmation candle
    which could be bullish or bearish as it was besrish but indescion so you
    wait even if its 1m 5m 15m chart if the candle after is bullish it goes up
    so you buy in this case it went down so you shoort to sell but there are so
    many candles that look alike ie dojis graveyard etc its easy to get mixed
    up so **after a uptrend you wait for a indecion then a confirmation candle
    which can be bullish or bearish in this case bearish jump on the short and
    then hold for 4-5 candles then sell am i right? Good vid though im abit
    drunk lol as been doing 10 hours a day trade uni there so much im gunna end
    up a drunk japaenese skint rice trader lol

  2. Deleted them last comments can i ask how did the rice trader trade with
    candles in 1775!?? Ascwe had no internet or tv so howcdid he know what
    happened? Even if there was a news paper in 1775 how did it get to a rice
    trader in a field?

  3. Hi nick, love your way of doing things, how long is the waiting list to
    join in your study?

  4. Thanks for the video. Could you tell us what app you use to access your pc
    from your phone?

  5. Would you please tell me how do you put theese lines? 27:37 they’re
    different from the normal ones

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