ALL YOU NEED TO LEARN TO TRADE FOREX – Private Webinar from Rico

Rico of ( spills everything in this private webinar….No secrets held back…I tell you EXACTLY what you need to study and WHY…plus show real examples. It’s time to stop with the gurus and the software BS. Stay tuned for my new training course!

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Hey guys, I did this private webinar for my private students. They loved the clarity and no BS approach that I take. Hopefully you guys can get some value out of it.


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  12. Such a good teacher. These knowledge is so priceless and you’re teaching us for free. Thank you Master 🔥🙏🏻

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  15. Hi Rico, first of all tnx so much for sharing your great video. Can u give me a link videos to learn the harmonic patterns please? there are so much in youtube, but I dont knw which one I can trust…..becoz they have different style. Please share me a link to learn the harmonic patterns… tnx so much in advance

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