34 Replies to “A Training on Reading Structure – Forex Trading Made Simple”

  1. God bless you and your family Jason , i really learned a lot and i find
    your trading methods really simple and effective, i managed to pay my
    debt. again thank you.

  2. That was not a valid bat pattern, you’re ignoring that those patterns have
    time as well as price targets and that bat was blown out time-wise long

  3. hi jason great video on the basic of structure trading like always loving
    knowing where my first target would go and possible second targets i am
    seeing progress in my trading.
    however i am a bit confused about where to place stops on a trend
    continuation trade.
    hope you can help me getting an idea of that,

    greetings pascal.
    happy member of the syndicate and constellation.

  4. thanks jason great as usual .will be great if you could introduce a step by
    step strategy on daily time frame for part time trader who have a full time
    daily job many thanks 

  5. Thank you Jason. Yet another great video. I have to ask myself why I
    persist in trying to trade the Dow when I could have a less stressful life
    trading currencies. I imagine forex charts adhere better to TA then

  6. We can all respectfully disagree but it is not useful when ad hominum joins
    the party. I think you have been clear that your analysis is your opinion.
    Take it or leave it. I watch the videos because I learn and verify.

  7. Do you have a playlist or library of recommended reading to educate someone
    from a point zero experience to a functionally profitable level of

  8. Good Work Jason as always and anticipating you to look around indices world
    wide and not just forex, would not only help new traders to understand
    things but will help you to get with more dynamics.

  9. Awesome video as always. Although I have been a subscriber to your channel
    for a while now, I took the time to look at some of your old school videos
    as well. Lots of good info in the ones from 3-5 years back. Thanks for
    all you do!

  10. Thanks Jason I have been following your videos for sometime now and so far
    yours is the most simple and clearer to understand. How can I be a member
    of your syndicate?

  11. Hi Jason.
    I entered long on the EURGBP on 60 minute chart on the up move @ .77799 &
    still in the trade.

  12. Jason im really impressed. I like all your market analysis videos. i would
    like to learn some more from you.

  13. Thanks Jason, you’re training and analysis is always spot on…I be rooting
    for yours and my home team Royals this week.

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