A Forex Trading Strategy That Works In Any Markets or Timeframes

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I believe you’ll enjoy this forex trading strategy video.

Because I will start from scratch, with a blank chart.

Then, I’ll draw my Support & Resistance areas.

Next, I’ll add in a simple indicator that tells me whether to be long or short.

Finally, you’ll learn my thought process on how I’m looking to enter a trade — and why.

The BEST part?

You can apply this forex trading strategy to any markets or timeframes.

Whether it’s stocks, forex, futures, bonds, metals, and indices. Or the Weekly, Daily, 4-hour, 1-hour, and even the 5-minutes timeframe.

So, if you’re interested then go learn this forex trading strategy below…

For free trading education, go to http://www.tradingwithrayner.com

Thanks for watching!

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18 Replies to “A Forex Trading Strategy That Works In Any Markets or Timeframes”

  1. Great video! One questions though. Would it be wise to wait for price action to come closer to the 200 EMA? No doubt we're in a down trend, but what about the double bottom with price action being rejected at the support line?

  2. I have just come across Rayner today. You are very good at explaining trading. So far its only you and Adam that I am following for trading lessons. THANX Rayner

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  4. How do you identify potential resistance in a market that is making new highs altogether. For instance if a stock for 4 yours was trading In between five-and-ten dollars but all the sudden in the last 2 months it started treating at 15 ish how would I identify the resistance if it's at all time highs?

  5. Two world is enough : "Simply Awesome"
    Thank for sharing valuable videos,and enrich our knowledge.

  6. Thanks Rayner, You are really great teacher, Year teaching style is Very Straight Forward.
    Easy to Understanding.

  7. Hi Rayner, just went through some of your videos and it's been really great! Love the valuable information. Just wanna ask when is the best time for us in South East Asia like you, to check the market. As some of us have day jobs and other commitments, so we can't be on the charts most of the time. Is it best for us to check the market charts in the morning, or night. any specific time? I'm a trend follower trader as well. Thanks! Would love a reply.

  8. Suppose on daily chart the candlestick are in indecision side….. Then how can you trade on daily basis looking at the dailychart or 1D chart. I mean what should i do at that time?

  9. Really nice to hear from you and the way make complex things simple -). I have a small modification to your point system i.e. to break it into entry point and exit point and the system point. In this way I can help myself to diagnose whether my entries are wrong or exits.

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