3 EMA Forex Trading Strategy 〽️

3 EMA Forex Trading Strategy. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/exponential-moving-average.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE This strategy is based on three exponential moving averages. So we have 3 exponential moving averages; one is a 10 period, one is a 25 period and the final one is a 50 period ema. When the 10 period EMA crosses above the 50 period EMA you are looking for a lower high on the candle. This strategy is about getting on the end of a trend. For me this strategy is similar to a moving averages crossover system with the addition of the candle. This may be a good strategy but you need to use it alongside some other criteria. If you use a moving averages system in a choppy system you’ll going to end up getting stopped all the time.
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  1. it sounds to me like the crossover would be a good trigger, if all the EMAs line up (as in your example) – so you would have to wait to see if the up trend (as in your example) has established itself on this timeframe AND a higher timeframe (eg, 60 min), – so the trigger would be less subject to noise

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